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Haunted: Halloween '86

(The Curse of Possum Hollow)


Nintendo Switch



NES Cartridge

Famicom Cartridge

A True 8-Bit Game

The horror-themed platforming beat-em-up game based in 1986 from Retrotainment pushes the NES to the limit and is available both digitally and on cartridge. Try and survive the streets of Possum Hollow where heroes Donny and Tami face their toughest challenge. What has taken over the town of Possum Hollow and can you reverse the curse

Tag Team Technology
7 Levels of Intense Action
Soundtrack by HumanThomas
FREE DEMO Available on Steam
PAX RISING Selection

Fact Sheet

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, Haunted: Halloween '86 has become the second-best selling NES homebrew game to date, trailing only Battle Kid from The 6502 Collective.

Vital Information

Developer: Retrotainment Games
Release Date: December 1, 2016
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, XBOX, Steam, NES & Famicom
Languages: English, Japanese (Famicom only)
Other Projects: Haunted: Halloween '85, NES Chip Maestro Cartridge & Full Quiet (in development)
Homebase: Pittsburgh
Motivation: Keeping Cartridge Gaming Alive

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